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EMS (Express Mail Service) is engaged in the express delivery of parcels, documents, and letters around the world (except for recipient countries under sanctions, military operations are taking place on their territory or restrictions are in place for several other circumstances).

The service is provided through national postal operators that are members of the Universal Postal Union and have introduced the possibility of sending via EMS, which is more than 180 countries.

Express Mail Service provides the fastest cross-border movement of any cargo or package. Such shipments are issued from automated branches, are made exclusively by air transportation, take from 7 to 10 days and have priority processing in both the country of the sender and the country of the recipient.

How to track an EMS package

Because Express Mail Service services are provided by local postal operators of a particular country, you can track your parcel on their official websites or on the website of the EMS system itself.

To check your shipment, you need to know the unique track code received during registration (consisting of 13 characters) and enter it into a special search form. And after a few seconds, the system will display all the necessary information on the screen.

The client can arrange for the shipment through the EMS service of any goods and items that are not prohibited by the rules of the carrier. On the website of the postal operator providing this service, you should also familiarize yourself with the rules of customs clearance and fill out customs declarations and other information online, after that, the created parcel should be taken to the office or handed over by courier. Also, you can contact the office where the operator will provide the necessary service.
Ordinary postal operators provide escort for the delivery of parcels from one point of issue to another, and the time of arrival at the destination can be long. The EMS service allows you to quickly organize delivery by courier from the sender to the recipient, regardless of the distance.
To send a parcel abroad by the EMS follow a few steps: - agree on the cost of shipping with the local postal operator; - call a courier; - give all the necessary documents for customs (copy of passport and confirmation of cost) along with the parcel; - provide the address of the recipient and pay for the service. The package will arrive at the destination within 15-30 days depending on the endpoint.
The EMS allows you to easily send documents up to 1 kg, and also goods with a weight limit of 30 kg. The length of the longest side of the parcel can be no more than 150 cm, and the bag length and largest perimeter must not exceed 300 cm.
The cost of EMS shipping depends on the size of the shipment, final destination, type of package, etc. You can get acquainted with the rate on the official website of each postal service that works with the EMS service.
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