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The Delivery group of companies consists of several organizations that specialize in providing transport and logistics services to customers in the B2B sector (business entities or the corporate sector). The corporation began its work in 2001 and operates throughout Ukraine and abroad. Since then company have managed to establish a close reliable partnership with more than 500 thousand clients working in various sectors of the country’s economy.

The Delivery group includes:

  • Delivery Ltd, which carry out road delivery of parcels and cargo throughout Ukraine.
  • DelTruck, which is responsible for individual transportation of goods in huge lots throughout Ukraine (freight from 2 tons).
  • Delivery-International, which provides unlimited opportunities for international delivery of goods.
  • ALC Insurance company «KVORUM», which is a partner of LLC Delivery, and it is one of the most reliable and stable in the insurance market of the country.

The main advantage of Delivery over competitors is considered to be the availability of a daily schedule for sending goods from Kyiv. The cargo collected during the day is shipped and sent to the destinations in the evening.

How to track a DELIVERY package?

Delivery carries out cargo transportation throughout Ukraine for public and private companies, entrepreneurs and individuals, and for greater customer comfort, the company also offers an additional range of services, including the ability to track a parcel or cargo in real time.

You can track the shipment of the Delivery courier service if you have a specific track number, which is assigned when placing an order. All you need is just enter a unique code in a special search field on the official website of the service or on an our resource — «».

The principle of operation of both is that the system automatically loads from the databases all the necessary information regarding a specific request after the user clicks the «Search» button. Thus, the client can track the exact location of his shipment and monitor the delivery time.

A special number for tracking parcels (track code) Delivery is displayed as a ten-digit number without spaces.
Unfortunately, without a TTN number, it is impossible to obtain information about the location of the parcel or any other data regarding the shipment. The company does not provide tracking of delivery by last name, phone number or destination address.
A parcel or cargo sent by the Delivery courier service can be tracked in real time using the track number.
The company has set a standard storage period for goods and parcels in warehouses. So, the first seven days the service is provided to the client free of charge, then from the eighth day the accrual begins at the established tariff.
According to the Delivery tariffs, the cost of sending a parcel or cargo is set depending on the weight. More detailed pricing information can be found on the official website of the company.
The rate of insurance coverage Delivery, which is shipped in Ukraine is 0.6% with an estimated rate of up to 5,000 UAH, 0.4% with an amount of 5001 UAH.
Both the sender and the recipient can change the city of the cargo arrival to another one. You just need to draw up a special letter-application for redirection. Also, this service is available in the mobile application of the courier service. In cases where an individual wish to make changes, then copies of the first two pages of the passport must be attached to the letter. For legal entities, this application must be drawn up on letterhead and certified by the seal of the enterprise.
The sender can change the previously specified recipient of the parcel or cargo in the personal account on the company's website or through the mobile application, or by making a written application and sending it by e-mail.
To issue a Delivery compensation, the client needs to contact the employee of the receiving warehouse and draw up an act of receiving the parcel in terms of quantity and quality, and also provide documents confirming the cost of sending. In cases where the shipment was insured, it is necessary to additionally file an application with the insurance company.
Delivery Post specializes in road transportation of goods and parcels throughout Ukraine. The company works with clients of public and private enterprises, individuals and entrepreneurs.
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