Delivery services

During the active development of trade between almost all countries of the world, the possibility of international delivery of postal items is of particular importance. This allows you to send goods from warehouses located on the territory of the seller to different parts of the world. In this way, customers abroad can also receive their orders without any problems. Moreover, modern technologies allow subscribers to track the location of the parcel by themselves if they have the unique track-number and access to the Internet.

Sending parcels abroad is carried out in many post offices of various delivery services. Also, modern express mail allows you to deliver any type of cargo to destinations in the shortest possible time, because international delivery is carried out both by land transport and by air or by sea.

According to the conditions for sending a particular product abroad using the postal service, it is important to comply with a certain set of rules, which include requirements for packing the parcel, for filling out a customs declaration and other accompanying documents, and also there are certain types of items prohibited for shipment.

The regulation of the postal operator’s activities provides for all international deliveries using the same conditions for sending parcels abroad.

That`s why in all countries it is forbidden to send any weapon and its components, narcotic substances of any origin, explosive, radioactive and flammable substances, all types of hunting equipment, animals, plants, food, tobacco and alcoholic products, precious stones and metals, jewelry, money and monetary documents in any form, cordless phones, antiques, human remains and organs, medicines, food supplements and vitamins, works of art, postage stamps and different pornographic products.

In addition, the World Transport Association does not allow the transport of items that may pose a danger to workers who charge of moving the package.

International delivery services can also add their personal additional requirements to the general rules, which can be found on the official websites of postal companies.

The rating of the most popular international world’s deliveries is headed by such corporations as the German DHL, the American FedEX and UPS, and the Indian Blue Dart. Their main principles of work are based on high-quality customer-oriented courier services and the implementation of fast transportation of orders.