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The national postal operator in Kazakhstan «KazPost» is a member of the Universal Postal Union and is a principal participant in the leading international payment systems VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide. The service was founded in 1993, and its headquarters is in Nur-Sultan.

The organization grew and developed every year, and already in 2006, there was created an enterprise «Electronpost». It allowed the company to provide new services in information logistics, which were based on printing and converting electronic mail. Then round-the-clock post offices began to appear throughout the country, the issuance of their bank cards was adjusted, and a franchise network was launched.

Also, over time, «KazPost» added the ability for its customers to track shipments in real-time. This makes the work of the postal service more comfortable and convenient.

How to track the «KazPost» parcel?

The «KazPost» offers its customers a variety of postal services for the delivery and dispatch of cargos, parcels, and various correspondence. One of the most popular among them is to navigate the timing of the arrival of the mail in real-time using a unique track number.

This service helps to find out the basic information about the parcel, which includes information about the sender and recipient, approximate delivery times, the name of the courier service, the time spent on the road, the history of changes in the location of the shipment, and also its status at a particular point in time.

You can get the information mentioned above for free and at any time on the company’s official website or a special resource — steshka.net. It is easy to do in a few simple steps. First, the tracking number assigned by the postal operator during registration is entered into the search window, and then the system automatically searches the database and displays all the necessary data on the screen.

During the registration procedure at the «KazPost» branch, each postal item is assigned a special identifier that allows the client to track his parcel at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world. This is a unique track code that consists of Latin letters and numbers (usually four letters and nine numbers) and can have the following format: AV004897789KZ.
The postal operator «KazPost» provides customers with many different services, so the subscriber can receive quality service on any issue related to sending letters or parcels.
If it is necessary to redirect the parcel to another address, «KazPost» has a special option that allows you to correct the delivery endpoint for the convenience of the recipient. This function is available on the company's website remotely. You can find it in the «Questions and Answers» section, where you need to specify the tracking number of the parcel in a special search line, and then select a new pickup location for it. It should be noted that such a service is available only if the sending status is «Arrived and expected».
«EMS» from «KazPost» allows you to organize urgent delivery of parcels for customers within the country. This service provides for the receipt of a postal item in the same-day format when the company's couriers deliver the order as soon as possible.
The delivery time for a parcel or cargo by «KazPost» depends on many factors and can take from one day to one month. The duration of the shipment is affected by the workload of the post office, the distance, the country where the cargo is sent, and the delivery method chosen by the client. Within Kazakhstan, mailing can be carried out with same-day delivery. However, on average, the entire procedure takes about fifteen days within the country and about thirty days around the world.
Each branch of «KazPost» has its work schedule, which is presented on the official website of the company. Information is located in the «Departments» section, which can be found in the «Services» block.
You can contact the «KazPost» call center by phone: 1499, and the head office by dialing: +7 7172 611 699. The central office of «KazPost» is located in the city of Astana at Beybitshilik Street, 37.
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