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The main operator of the national postal service in Canada is «Canada Post». It is a part of the Universal Postal Union and a government organization headquartered in Ottawa.

Canada Post is the country’s first postal operator. It began its work as «Royal Mail Canada» in the late 1860s. And already in 1981, after the rebranding, the traditional postal service was transformed into the «Canada Post Corporation», which is a transport, logistics, and financial corporation.

The organization ensures the dispatch and delivery of various correspondence, parcels, advertising booklets, etc. The main company’s intention is to provide high-quality and demanded services to its client. To ensure smooth operation, the company employs more than sixty thousand employees every day.

«Canada Post» also expanded its range of services to include the fast international shipping provided by «Epost» in 2000. And over time it was organized the possibility of tracking parcels in real time for the convenience of customers.

How to track a «Canada Post» package?

The national postal operator «Canada Post» allows its customers to track the location of their parcels online from anywhere in the world. This makes it possible to trace whether the shipment was lost and at what time to expect delivery.

As a rule, this information becomes available to the user within 2-5 days after sending. It depends on the order processing time in the branch.

Using the «Canada Post» service, the sender gets a unique track code that is assigned to each parcel for its further identification. This is the main element in tracking.

You can simply find out where is located the parcel on the official website of the company or using the mobile application or on the special resource  All you need is to enter the previously received track number into the search window, and then the system automatically will search for the requested information and display it on the screen.

Among the received data, the user can see the path made by the parcel, the current location, its weight, and other important information.

«Canada Post» allows its customers to track any postal item if they have a special identifier - a tracking code, which is necessarily assigned to each order. This is a 15-digit number found above the barcode on your delivery notice card..
In case of problems with «Canada Post» shipments, the client can always contact the support service for advice. You can contact the operator on weekdays from 7.00 to 23.00 and from 9.00 to 21.00 on weekends by phone: 1-866-607-6301 (domestic) and 416-979-3033 (international calls). Customer support is also provided on social networks Facebook ( and Twitter (@canadaposthelps).
«Canada Post» is the main postal service of the country, which provides clients with high-quality professional services for the delivery of letters, parcels, correspondence, and other items. Thanks to the innovative approach, its work is highly valued not only within the country but also at the international level.
Delivery time by «Canada Post» depends on the destination where the package should arrive. If we are talking about a certain locality, it can be two working days, three in the region, and four throughout the country. For international delivery, it will take from four to seven business days. Schedule changes can be affected by various unforeseen circumstances, from the various weather conditions to the workload of marshaling centers.
«Canada Post» delivers in four ways within the country and offers five different options for shipping to the USA and overseas. Canadians can use Priority, Xpresspost, Flat rate box, and Regular Parcel services. For the United States, there are small and large packages of services, expedited parcels, express post, and a priority around the world. «Canada Post International Shipping» also offers Small or Trackable International Packages, International Parcel Service, Express Post International, and Worldwide Priority Shipping.
«Canada Post» parcels are delivered to their destinations either by ground transport or by air. Transportation of cargo depends on the place where it should be delivered.
The «Canada Post» provides delivery services daily from Monday to Friday. The exception is public holidays.
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